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Few will get this far. It's "under the fold" so I know it's relatively safe, right? My father was a PhD physicist: Dr. Franklin P. Dixon, Director of Manned Lunar and Planetary Mission Studies for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the late 1960's. If you are inclined towards painfully-deep physics, you can directly download his 153-page PhD thesis on Photoproduction of Positive Pions from Hydrogen in the 600 to 1000 MEV Region (from the year 1960 - a 5.3MB .pdf from the CalTech archives) Click Here. My mother put him through school doing art and assorted drafting for scientists like Linus Pauling, so blame her if you wish to take the traditional biblical stance in such matters.

As you might imagine, it was a peculiar childhood.

Once upon a time (when I was young and impressionable) my parents let me watch Hercules movies and other shows of questionable quality. We moved to Belgium for several years, where I roamed museums and castles filled with weapons and armor. Solitude gave me ample opportunity to peruse many peculiar books as well. As a result, I developed an early fondness for the study of weapons and strategy. Veterans from the Vietnam War and other conflicts occasionally took pity upon my civilian ignorance and taught me as well. I later worked at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire teaching the fine art of archery while studying biophysics and rhetoric at U. C. Berkeley. I wasn't exactly a perfect student but I learned that, according to thermodynamics, hot air is extremely powerful stuff. I never quite recovered from that blasphemous revelation, though my studies have proceeded well now for over 35 years.

A bad case of whimsy caused me to join the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval re-enactment organization. In this fine subculture, participants routinely pummel each other with blunt weapons or pelt away with assorted projectiles after donning armor, then retire to pavilions for ribald feasting. I was honored to receive an Award of Arms from the Kingdom of the West, earning the right to call myself "Lord Deron Creag Mhor" and acquiring the Coat of Arms above, a deed for which you may blame Jade of Starfall during one of his stints as King.

Having more of a taste for words than equations, I spent time as the Northwest US Correspondent for Roleplayers Chronicle with a few articles and reviews under my belt. I've play-tested a number of role-playing publications and currently run convention games in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Peruse the social media links above for further edification and entertainment. I also had the honor of replacing the D20 game mechanic with the "Un-Twenty System". To fully and freely enjoy this, Click Here. Try it for a minimum of one game session.

May your existence be filled with pleasure, victory, health, wealth, power, skill and wisdom! If you are so inclined, transmit your thoughts.

By the way, cities have been obsolete since Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. These cities serve as lessons for the need to widely distribute our population and infrastructure. Our societies have not yet learned or are unable to implement this effectively, so it will absolutely require more severe lessons.The past is forever gone and the future does not exist until it is the present. Time is always set to Zero in reality, and energy exchange always and only happens in the present instant. Live life for each instant, but design and plan for centuries.

One final note: Political lies are absolutely true when they are believed - at least until neutron-enhanced warheads and electromagnetic pulse weapons rain down, depopulating metropolitan centers and wiping out server farms. These lies are believed until beam weapons pelt GPS satellites, as autonomous robots and remotely-piloted drones painfully rake our planetary infrastructure into debris. The few remaining Tribal Leaders will then invent new lies. Look to the sky, for all these things are waiting for us and are very old news.

What follows is a small book. You probably won't finish it. If you do, your perspective might never return to its current state. Prepare yourself. Many have seen strange things in the sky, mostly at night. Attach pictures to your social media sites and see if they show up. Keep doing this until they stop showing up when you post them. This is the first test. Until personal proof deems otherwise, there are no conspiracies. Be not stupid in this.

If you have no pictures, look up late at night for smooth metallic caplets roughly 40 feet long with eight pits in pairs on the bottom. Circa before 1992 and still happening. The orange/red glow from the levitation devices makes the color of the metal look golden in the pits, but the hulls otherwise slightly reflect silver in the moonlight when their plasma fields are down. They are utterly silent, even within 250 feet. These ships can go up or down with massive changes in acceleration that would plaster anything biological against the aft bulkhead if they contained living cells without an internal inertial frame of reference created by a centrifugally-generated artificial gravitational field - a synthetic black hole reference mass, essentially. Otherwise, they're drones by definition.

They come in and go out silently, using a very bright blue/white plasma field in entry or exit to prevent hull ionization via atmospheric friction. Most meteorites and such burn a yellow color because of sodium. These fields can almost blind you and look cold white instead with a very slight blue cast.

They can melt very quickly if this plasma field goes down at too high a velocity. Pretty silver liquid splashing across the light of the moon and vaporizing. Oops. Lack of perfection is proved, therefore humanity is probably involved directly.

They can be seen occasionally after 11:30 PM and before dawn, local time. Most people are asleep or watching TV at this time. Clever.

The plasma fields are mistaken as disks from the bottom and ovals from the side. These fields are held up for between 3/4 and 5 seconds during the atmospheric entry/reentry phase, then disappear cleanly when the right velocity is reached to prevent meltdown of the ship.

Once you see several, especially with a group of scientists, all lies are gone.

The beams they fire appear between laser and normal light from the side. They have interference, so information is being transmitted. Lasers can't be seen from the side, so the bright blue glow is probably atmospheric ionization. They are known to have targeted the roof of at least one one-story home in this fashion, not a commercial facility. After a short time of beam activity on the ground, they drop the beam and slowly cruise away silently. Watch for this. They then throw up a plasma field when over water or non-populated areas and head out of the atmosphere or elsewhere at very high velocity. Their operators absolutely do not wish to be noticed, so be careful and never aim a device at these. You may regret it, really.

I invite the designers to contact me. It's really rather elegant. Don't ever imagine you know the source of these machines because the truth isn't anything you ever want to know.

PS: If I disappear or have some sort of unusual accident, pretend it is actually that. I'll take the disappearance if it means I can receive an honorary rank in the United States Air Force Space Command to shut me up and look for real things that can be discussed, or otherwise. Just because my father is dead doesn't mean he didn't run NASA's Manned Planetary and Lunar Missions Studies in the sixties, then the "baseball magnet" that constrained the plasma from the Shiva/Deuterium-Tritium Pellet/Constraint Field projects that were successful at Lawrence Livermore Lab in 1984. Funny what happens when projects disappear into the DoD. Funny what you can remember as a kid.

If confronted and not otherwise eliminated, perhaps I'll just simulate a nervous breakdown as coached by my handlers, be castigated and publicly ridiculed as imbalanced or as worse-than-useless, apparently slowly recover in a suitably remote location while everyone forgets about this entire subject within five weeks, then cheerfully head down to the coast just northwest of San Luis Obispo with no further comment. That's one possible goal, anyway.

Otherwise my forthcoming designs will be specifically aimed at increasing the planet's population by allowing drag-and-drop cities to be formed in toxic wasteland, complete with energy, food, water, and habitation.

Imagine how many people could be made to fit on this planet if we could cover the world, literally. Who wants that, especially since most of them will be waiting to rebel against some government or other?

Life is interesting, so enjoy it while you can. Really. Remember, there is no keyword tracking that would bring this to anyone's attention. No bombs, guns, terrorists, explosions, human trafficking, sex crimes, DOD, FBI, CIA, or other heady subjects are under discussion. We don't need to mention Minute Men, the Patriot Movement (sorry, that's a Patriot Law now - never mind). No plots involving ISIS or ISIL are afoot. We don't discuss Slavery (Federal Monopoly, Constitutional Criminal Clause Not to Be Eliminated, Don't Compete or You Will Join Them), Mass Murder, or "How to build an EMP Weapon with Household Parts" here. Nobody is recording every word we type, speak, or otherwise transmit, because your employers and the folks looking at this don't care if you malfunction.

No one will care, so none of this matters. That would just be wrong, right?

Gravity sucks and energy blows.
Our universe spins as it vibrates and flows.
The rules of this process are always the same.
To succeed is to thrive in this great cosmic game.
While we live we create but quite soon will disperse.
What we do with this fate makes life better or worse.
Words form our thoughts and our deeds are then done.
We forge Heaven and Hell every day, everyone!

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