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Emblazon: Purpure, a double-bitted axe Or, debruised by an eye Argent, irised Azure, all within a bordure Or.

Welcome to the Castle of Lord Mhor

Greetings! In the mundane world of commerce, I am as you see at Linkedin

As a diversion, I occasionally play fantasy role-playing games and wander.

Some of my writings lurk at Roleplayers Chronicle.


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Once upon a time, when I was young and impressionable, my parents let me watch Hercules movies and other shows of questionable quality. We moved to Belgium for several years, where I roamed museums and castles filled with weapons and armor. Solitude gave me ample opportunity to peruse many peculiar books as well. As a result, I developed an early fondness for the study of weapons and strategy. Veterans from the Vietnam War and other conflicts occasionally took pity upon my civilian ignorance and taught me as well. I later worked at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire teaching the fine art of archery. I eventually went on to study biophysics and rhetoric. I learned that, according to thermodynamics, hot air is extremely powerful stuff. I never completely recovered from that blasphemous revelation.

Once upon a time, I joined the "Society for Creative Anachronism", a medieval re-enactment organization where participants cheerfully pummel each other with blunt weapons after donning suitable armor, then retire to pavilions for ribald feasting. By wielding swords, maces, cookware, and a willing spirit, I was honored to receive an Award of Arms from the Kingdom of the West, earning the right to call myself "Lord Deron Creag Mhor", and was gifted with the Coat of Arms above.

I have also been the Northwest US Correspondent for Roleplayers Chronicle with a few articles and reviews under my belt. I've play-tested a number of role-playing publications and currently run role-playing game at several conventions in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.